加拿大GA城市规划与景观设计有限公司杭州代表处 + 浙江省建筑设计研究院

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摘要: 进入八月,随着线下勘探会的举办,新时代山水城市 · 丽水山居图城市设计国际竞赛的十组入围单位正式开始了第二阶段的深化工作。在这次激烈角逐中脱颖而出的他们,对本次竞赛命题有何独到见解?对于未来山水城市又有 ...

加拿大GA城市规划与景观设计有限公司杭州代表处 + 浙江省建筑设计研究院

进入八月,随着线下勘探会的举办,新时代山水城市 · 丽水山居图城市设计国际竞赛的十组入围单位正式开始了第二阶段的深化工作。在这次激烈角逐中脱颖而出的他们,对本次竞赛命题有何独到见解?对于未来山水城市又有着怎样的愿景呢?

Coming into August, with the holding of the Site Survey Meeting, the ten shortlists of the Future ShanShui City • Dwellings in Lishui Mountains International Urban Design Competition started the second stage of deepening work. Standing out of this fierce competition, what are their unique opinions on the proposition of this competition? And what is the vision of the future landscape city? Let’s see.


Today we are introducing the consortium of Canada GA city planning and Landscape Design Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Representative Office and Zhejiang Province Institute of Architectural Design and Research (ZIAD).


Introduction of Design Proposal


Design concept:


In the concept proposal of Dwellings in Lishui Mountains urban design, we explore the natural ShanShui and cultural ShanShui resources from the unique ShanShui pattern of Lishui, and systematically describe the ShanShui blueprint of Lishui in the future from the aspects of urban space, industrial development, green development, ShanShui scene, etc., aiming to realize the integration of "painting environment + habitat + artistic conception" and pay homage to hometown.


Content introduction:


We are from Lishui, and we are very familiar with Lishui. I am very excited to see the announcement of the competition. We are engaged in urban design and urban planning and have done a lot of professional proposals. However, it is the first time for us to draw such a magnificent blueprint in our hometown. It is obligatory for us to make a little contribution to our hometown, which is actually the original intention of participating in the competition.


From our feeling, the color of Lishui has changed. Of course, we are very pleased with some places, including many environmental improvements. Lishui's urban development is changing with each passing day. There are also something strange, which may not only be me, but also many friends around me, that some warm things in my memory can't be found. So in our proposal, in fact, we would add more in the description of hometown feelings than other competitors, including looking for something more memorable from the perspective of context, so as to add some warmth and feelings to the landscape.


Objectively speaking, Lishui's natural base is very good, which is obvious to all. However, the development of Lishui has been relatively backward compared with the whole Zhejiang Province. However, we should see that this is a double-edged sword. Lishui has left a better natural base and more imagination space in the future.


When we look at the construction of ShanShui painting today, we don't want it to be a description of a ShanShui painting. We will emphasize in the proposal how to integrate more vitality and scenes into the ShanShui map from the perspective of future development, so as to attract young people. This may also be a problem Lishui needs to face. In a word, the concept of returning to mountains and rivers is not only a concept of going to nature, but also the return of people, which requires more people to be willing to stay in their hometown, including those who go out. This is our aspiration and our goal. In the proposal, we will systematically give more vitality to the landscape and attract more tourists from the perspective of industry and art, from the perspective of urban space and green development.


Just like what we made this proposal ourselves, there is a saying in it that participating in this competition is really for our hometown regardless of fame and wealth. Our original intention is very simple. All our sources, our design sources and all our ideas come from the ShanShui of Lishui, which we are very familiar with. It is very simple. Everything is to be done for our hometown.


Introduction of the Participants


Canada GA Urban planning & Landscaping Design Company


Canada GA Urban planning & Landscaping Design Company is a comprehensive design institution adhering to the trinity design concept of "planning, architecture and landscape". Since carrying out design business in China from 2004, from an open and diversified perspective, it has emphasized the "Unique" design in the local area, pays attention to the cultural heritage, green development and artistic integration, and has completed many warm and thoughtful design works.


Zhejiang Province Institute of Architectural Design and Research(ZIAD)


68年来,ZIAD始终坚持“创作名院、科技兴院、人才强院、清廉护院”的发展理念,先后荣获 600余项国家及省部级优秀设计奖和科学技术奖,荣膺中国勘察设计单位综合实力百强之一、全国建筑设计行业十强设计院、全国优秀勘察设计院、全国建设科技进步先进集体、当代中国建筑设计百家名院、全国建筑设计行业诚信单位、浙江省勘察设计单位综合实力十强、浙江省首批工程总承包试点企业、浙江省职工职业道德建设标兵单位、浙江省文明单位、浙江省标准创新贡献奖等几十余项省级以上荣誉称号。


Founded in 1952, Zhejiang Province Institute of Architectural Design and Research (ZIAD) is the earliest design institute in Zhejiang Province. ZIAD is an institute unit directly affiliated to Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Zhejiang Province, ZIAD owns 10 comprehensive architectural design institutes, 18 professional design institutes or branches, 7 technical research centers and 4 subsidiaries. Chief editor of ZIAD has participated in the compilation of a large number of national and Zhejiang construction engineering design specifications and technical specifications, and engages themselves in architectural engineering design and consultation, compilation of urban and rural planning, engineering design of architectural intelligent system, interior decorative design, geotechnical engineering design, municipal public facility design and consultation, landscape design, engineering feasibility research, civil air defense design, project appraisal, construction cost consultation, project management and general contract, etc.

ZIAD has been insisting on the tenet of "innovative design, optimal quality, faithfulness, factualism, unity and competitiveness". It has won more than 600 national, provincial and ministerial excellent design awards and science and technology awards. It has been awarded as one of the top 100 comprehensive strength survey and design units in China, one of the top ten design institutes in the national architectural design industry, a national excellent survey and Design Institute, a national advanced collective of construction science and technology progress, a hundred famous contemporary Chinese architectural design institutes, a national integrity unit in the architectural design industry, one of the top ten comprehensive strength survey and design units in Zhejiang Province, the first batch of engineering general contracting pilot enterprises in Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang Province There are more than dozens of honorary titles at or above the provincial level, such as the model unit of staff professional ethics construction, the civilized unit of Zhejiang Province, and the standard innovation contribution award of Zhejiang Province.

ZIAD gathers experts and masters. ZIAD has more than 1000 employees in total. In particular, in recent years, ZIAD has taken the "Build platform, give policy, strong safeguard" as the measure to build a talent highland, gather a large number of industry talents, and continuously improve the cohesion, combat effectiveness and innovation vitality of development. Among them, there are 2 Chinese engineering design masters, 5 engineering survey and design masters in Zhejiang Province, 6 experts enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, 4 provincial and ministerial labor models, 3 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions at the provincial and ministerial level, 2 Contemporary Chinese architects, 6 outstanding contemporary Chinese engineers, 5 winners of China young architect award, 15 "151 talents" of Zhejiang Province, and professor level There are 82 senior engineers, 88 first-class registered architects, 81 first-class registered structural engineers, 13 registered urban planners and more than 100 other registered personnel.


Introduction of other shortlisted units and their design proposal will be released soon, please pay attention!