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摘要: 针对疫情期间的学签问题,加拿大移民处北京办公室于今日给出了权威的解答。Q: I heard that a temporary 2-stage assessment process is now in place for international students. What does that mean? 问:我听说 ...

Q: I heard that a temporary 2-stage assessment process is now in place for international students. What does that mean?


A: This 2-stage assessment process will apply to study permit applications that are submitted online by September 15, 2020 and for programs that start, or have started, in spring, summer or fall 2020. This assessment does not apply to in-Canada study permit extension applications. What is the first stage process? The first stage is to notify applicants when they meet the preliminary eligibility requirements, which demonstrates that they have submitted all relevant application forms, have paid the required fees, have been accepted at a Canadian designated learning institution, have the available funds to conduct their studies and are eligible for the study permit. Applicants will be notified electronically once their application passes this first stage. Our goal is to pass most applications through stage 1 before the fall semester starts. What is the stage 2 process? For the second stage assessment IRCC officer will review the complete application including police certificate, complete medical examination and complete submission of Biometrics. Once determined to have passed all eligibility and admissibility requirements, students will then receive approval of their application. It is important to submit a complete application as IRCC will endeavour to process applications to the extent possible. This is being done to enable students to travel to Canada as soon as possible upon lifting of travel restrictions. Please note upon passing the first-stage (eligibility), most study permit applicants will eventually get final approval on their application. Nonetheless, it doesn’t guarantee the final approval as there may be some reasons that a study permit should not be issued.

答:两步走审理程序适用于在 2020 年 9 月 15 日前提交新学习许可申请,并且其学习项目已于 2020 年春季,夏季开始或是将在秋季入学的学生。该程序不适用于在加拿大本土提交学习许可延 期的申请。 什么是“第一步”呢? 第一个步骤是通知申请人他们已通过了初步资格审核,这意味着他们已经提交了所有相关的申请 表格,支付了所需费用,而且已被一所加拿大指定学习机构录取,以及缴纳足够支持他们学业的 费用并有资格获得学习许可。申请人在通过审核后,我们会以电子方式通知。我们致力于在秋季 开学前初步审核通过大多数的学习许可。 什么是“第二步”呢? 在“第二步”审理中,IRCC 的签证官将对完整的申请进行审核。包括无犯罪记录证明,通过体检 并已提交了生物识别信息。在确定申请人符合所有资格及入境标准,学生们的申请将被最终批 准。提交完整的申请很重要,因为 IRCC 会尽力处理申请, 这样做是为了使学生能够在旅行限制 取消后尽快前往加拿大。 请注意,通过第一步(资格)审核后,大部分的学习许可申请最后皆能获得最终的批准。然而, 学习许可可能会因为各种原因并未签发,因此第一步骤的获批并不能保证第二步骤的批准。

Q: I provided the biometric information, medical exam, and no criminal record certificate when I submitted the application. After receiving the stage-1 letter, do I need to submit any additional materials for the second stage?

问:我已经为申请提交了生物识别信息,体检报告以及无犯罪记录证明。在收到第一步的信函 后,我需要再为第二步的审理提交新的材料吗?

A: You do not need to resubmit the information that you already provided. If more documents are required, you will be contacted by IRCC.

答:你无需再提交你已经提交过的信息。如果需要更多信息,IRCC 将会联系你。

Q: Does the 2-stage process apply to SDS?


A: Yes, 2-stage process applies to all student streams.


Q; In the first stage, if I do not meet the eligibility requirements, will applicants receive a refusal letter?


A: Yes, if an application does not meet first-stage eligibility requirements, applicants will receive a decision from IRCC.

答:是的,如果申请人不符合第一步的资格要求,将会收到来自 IRCC 的审理结果。

Q: what is the policy for Open Work Permit (OWP) for spouses of students during the time when the 2-stage process is in place?

问: 在实施“两步走”审理流程期间,针对学生配偶的开放式工作许可(OWP)的政策是怎么样 的?

A: The OWP will be assessed when principal applicant’s study permit will be assessed for stage 2 (final decision). OWP will not be issued before the principal application receives a stage 2 decision.

答:在主申请人的学习许可申请处于第二步审理(最终决定)期间,OWP 申请将获得审理。只有 在主申请获得了第二步的审理结果,OWP 才能获批。

Q: I have now received the stage-1 letter and want to change school/major or defer my studies to a later date, how do I proceed?

问:我现在已经收到了第一步的信函,并且想要更改学校/专业或延期我的学习项目,我需要怎 么做?

A: You need to inform IRCC of any changes made since you submitted your initial application. Send your updated letter of acceptance through the Webform and/or any other relevant documents to explain the changes you made for your studies.

答:你需要将任何跟最初提交申请不同的变更通知 IRCC。请通过网络表格提交最新的录取通知书 和/或其他任何相关文件以说明你的学习项目发生的变化。

Q: When will the study permits be issued? I can’t enter Canada based on current travel restrictions and I can’t do my studies online. Is deferring my studies my only option?

问:什么时候颁发学习许可?由于现下的旅行限制我无法入境加拿大,我也无法在线参加课程。 我唯一的选择就是推迟我的学习项目吗?

A: It is not possible at the moment to confirm when the study permit will be issued. If you received your stage-1 letter, but you cannot start your courses online, please contact your school to discuss the options available to you.

答:现下无法确认何时会颁发学习许可。如果你已经收到了第一步的信函,但是无法在线开始课 程,请联系学校商讨可行的选择。

Q: I have already submitted an updated letter of acceptance through the Webform to inform IRCC that I am deferring my studies to a later date, but I still received the stage-1 letter for the fall semester. Will the length of the visa validity be based on the length of courses in the new offer?

问:我已经通过网络表格提交了新的录取通知书以告知 IRCC 我的学习项目已被推迟,但是我依 旧收到针对秋季学期的第一个步骤的信函。签证的有效期会根据新的录取通知书里的课程时长而 颁发吗?

A: If that is your case, we recommend to send an email to beijing-immigration@international.gc.ca and include details about your application. An officer will be able to provide an answer based on your case.

答:根据你的情况,我们建议你发送邮件至 beijing-immigration@international.gc.ca,并说明有关 你的申请的详情。签证官将会根据你的情况提供回复。

Q: Can I take online courses before receiving the stage-1 letter?


A: If you want the time spent studying for a Canadian institution to count toward your post-graduate work permit (PGWP), ensure that you submit your application before starting your studies and that you eventually obtain the stage-1 letter.

答:如果你希望在加拿大学校的学习时长之后被计入到你的毕业后工作许可申请中,请确保在开 始课程前提交你的申请,并在之后最终获得第一步的信函。

Q: Can I still apply to obtain a study permit from Canada for the fall semester (September 2020)?

问:我是否依旧可以为秋季(2020 年 9 月)学期申请获得加拿大学习许可?

A: Yes, IRCC encourages prospective students to apply for a study permit as soon as possible. If you are applying for a study permit from outside Canada, you must apply online. When you apply, you should submit as many of the documents needed for a complete application as possible. See which documents must be submitted here. If it is not possible to submit all documents due to COVID-19, you must include a letter of explanation for any documents that are missing.

答:可以。IRCC 鼓励准留学生们尽早申请学习许可。如果你是在加拿大境外申请学习许可,则必 须提交在线申请。在申请时,请提交完整申请所需要的尽可能多的资料。请点击这里查阅所需的 文件。如果因新冠疫情而无法提供一些资料,则必须为缺失的文件附上解释信。

Q: Can I travel to Canada if I pass the first stage of the new 2-stage assessment process for study permit application?

问:如果我在新实施的学习许可的“两步走审理程序“中获得了第一个步骤的批准,我能出行前 往加拿大吗?

A: No, the new 2-stage assessment process is to allow students to start a program that will be offered online. It gives more certainty for students to attend these classes from their home country while travel restrictions remain in place. Students will only be able to travel to Canada once they have received a final approval for their application AND once the travel restrictions are modified to allow them to travel to Canada.

答:不能。新实施的两步走审理程序允许学生能够在线开始学习项目,其目的主要是为了确保在 旅行受限期间,学生在本国就可以参加这些课程。在获得申请的最终批准并在旅行限制修改后, 他们即被允许出发前往加拿大。

Q: Some students have submitted their study permit applications to start in September 2020 but have not yet received a decision on their application. Will they get their study permit to come to Canada? Will they be allowed to come since their study permit will be approved after March 18 2020?

问:有些学生已经提交了学习许可申请以便开始 2020 年 9 月份的学期,但是尚未收到有关申请 的决定。他们将能获得学习许可前往加拿大吗?由于他们的的学习许可于 2020 年 3 月 18 日之后 签发,他们还会被允许前往加拿大吗?

A: IRCC continues to process study permit applications submitted online, to the extent possible, but due to the impacts of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), IRCC operations have been impacted. To allow students to start their studies on time, the 2-stage assessment process was implemented. This allows for students to start their courses online in their home country and for the on-line course time to be counted towards post-graduation work permit (PGWP) eligibility. Students will only be able to travel to Canada once they have received a final approval for their application AND once the travel restrictions are modified to allow them to travel to Canada.

答:IRCC 继续尽可能快得审理在线提交的学习许可申请,但是由于新冠疫情的影响,IRCC 的运作 亦受影响。为使学生们能够准时开始课程,“两步走审理程序”的实施可以使学生们在本国参加 线上课程的学习,而且这些时间都将被计入他们的毕业后工作许可(PGWP)资格审核之内。学 生只有在申请获得最终批准,并且旅行限制修改后才能够前往加拿大后。